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Youth Soccer – The OV Mission

OV United Soccer Club of Muskegon Michigan where kids learn to play and play to learn the spirit of united team work and greater self achievement.

Children love to learn, especially when in a fun environment such as sports. One of the greatest things about soccer is that any kid can kick a soccer ball and learn to do it well within a short period of time. There are several benefits to youth soccer not found in other sports making it a great sport and learning game for kids.

Soccer is a pure team sport and one of the most watched games around the entire world these days. In past times Americans preferred American football over soccer, but the scenario is changing quickly.

Soccer is unique in that it crosses all geographic, ethnic, gender and religious boundaries. Soccer has also overtaken all age groups.

Soccer is a delightful game with many rules and regulations that help to make the game interesting. There is a popular saying, ‘soccer is simple, but for those who have tried playing realize simple is difficult to play.

There are many reasons why association football (to give the game its proper title) aka soccer is the most popular sport globally, the most important of which is its simplicity.

Youth soccer and other sports offer much more then simply sportsmanship and group achievement. The experience with united group sports may also lead to the greater education of friendship, loyalty, appreciation and compassion for others.

We appreciate and thank all the parents and coaches for the time and support you give your child and the teams at OV United Soccer Club.


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